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Christopher Ikechukwu Nkemakonam Mario Mbah

Born: December 25th 2006 5:23am , PST , 8.2 Ibs

Local TV Station Report:
On the web news report by KATU Channel 2 TV, click here or here PDF1 PDF2

Local Newspaper Report:
The Columbian News Newspaper – http://www.columbian.com.
Local Issue for Dec. 27th 2006 WA Click here for the article.

Click here for Chris in Nigerian Native Outfits

1st Birthday Web Page

IKECHUKWU [Iké Chukwu = The power of God – Nigerian Name – Ibo]
Interpretation: One of those Igbo names where the wrong tone could mean something totally different. Ikè means “butt/bottom” in Igbo!  Obviously, this is still a short version of what the giver has in mind, but the name has become very popular and therefore generic.
Short form : IKE, IYKE, I.K. IK.
Gender: Strictly male

Nkemakonam  – May l never lack (what is mine)
Shortform – Nkem

“A man’ s name is not like a mantle, which merely hangs on him, and which one per-chance safely twitch and pull, but a perfectly fitting garment, which, like the skin, has grown over him, at which one cannot rake and scrape without injuring the man himself.”
 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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